Get Back on the Right Side of the Law

Get Back on the Right Side of the Law

Get the evidence you need to absolve your crimes in Hartford, CT

You’ve been accused of a crime you didn’t commit. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, consorting with the wrong people and maybe even looking a little bit too suspicious. Nonetheless, the gavel of justice has been brought down on the wrong person. Innovative Investigators in Hartford, CT is at your service to dig up the evidence that will get you closer to proving that you’re innocent.

If you’re in need of assistance in finding information to help absolve yourself of the crime, please provide us with the following information so we can get a head start on your case:

  • Thorough knowledge of the incident
  • A written statement
  • Information about the time and place
  • Video or photographic evidence
  • Identification of the relationships with those involved
  • Documentation of what you did after the incident

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Build your case with solid evidence

Much of our work as private investigators involves collecting information and making observations. Once our consultation is finished, we will return to the scene or area of the crime to:

  • Identify witnesses
  • Interview witnesses
  • Corroborate statements
  • Gather photographs and document evidence
  • Canvass the neighborhood for more witnesses and leads
  • Testify on your behalf in court

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