Comprehensive Background Checks in Hartford, CT

We are a professional CT private investigation firm with specialized background check agents available to turn your request around in one day. Our checks are all-inclusive and we provide a credit check with a signed waiver. We offer a corporate rates for a complete, national background check including criminal and sex-offender registry checks, social security number validation, name and address history, bankruptcy records, properties, foreclosures, and more. Our professional, custom PDF reports are e-mailed back to you, usually within 24 hours.

Why do I need a Background Check?

Why do I need a Background Check?

Background checks are an essential tool for decision-making in both professional and personal circumstances. For businesses, employers should exercise due diligence on all prospective new hires as well as annual background checks on current employees. People’s lives and circumstances change and employers are not always informed when bad things happen to their employees that could have a negative impact on their business.

Background checks are also useful for personal or home-based situations. Are you hiring a contractor? Renting an apartment to a new tenant? Hiring a nanny for your children? Someone to provide elder-care? A housekeeper? Are you using online dating sites? These are just a few examples of situations that would warrant a criminal background check.

We provide valuable information at reasonable rates. Having this information in advance can prevent harm or theft to you and your family. It is best to know beforehand who you are allowing into your home.

What’s Included in the Background Check Report?

All of our background investigations are customized to suit your individual needs however a typical report includes:

  • National Criminal database search
  • Motor vehicle convictions
  • Bankruptcy, liens, and civil judgments
  • Phone numbers
  • SSN verification
  • Address history
  • Social media search
  • Property ownership
  • Corporate filings
  • Professional licenses and affiliations
  • Property foreclosures
  • Neighbors and relatives

A credit check can be added with a signed waiver and included in the final report. Please feel free to call us for more details.