We Offer Special Investigative Services

Sometimes our clients needs go beyond routine private investigation needs. We are pleased to offer our clients several areas of special services.

 Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Executive protection is a specialized field that requires training in risk assessment, protection techniques, driving, first aid and marksmanship. There are many reasons why a business may find it necessary to enlist the help of a professional for executive protection such as:

  • Firing an employee
  • Change in organization
  • Strike actions
  • Implied threats
  • Suspicious mail

Innovative Investigators is able to assist under any circumstances and with short notice. We will meet with you to conduct a thorough risk analysis and develop effective countermeasures. We provide highly trained personnel round-the-clock or during business hours. At home or at the office. Whatever needs you have, we can accommodate you.

Cognitive Interview Technique

Our Investigators have specialized training in cognitive interview (CI) techniques, which utilizes memory retrieval rules to help a witness recall details of what they saw with greater accuracy. This technique is often used with more delicate witnesses who may have a limited understanding of the situation or event, such as children.

The primary goal of CI technique is to assist the witness with recreating the physical and personal contexts around then at the time of the event. This enhances the accessibility of stored information. If you have a witness who is unsure of what the saw, or is having a difficult time recalling details, please call us today to schedule an appointment.

On average, an employee who steals does so ten times more than the average shoplifter ($2000 vs. $200). It is estimated that employee theft cost US businesses 107 billion dollars in 2009.

Innovative Investigators specializes in helping business prevent employee theft, or determine who is committing the crime against your business. Contact us today to set up a risk analysis of your workplace. If you suspect an employee of theft or fraud, we can provide assistance with identifying the individual and capturing evidence.